Sunday 10th Dec 2023

True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings.
-William Shakespeare


For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from Him..   
-Psalm 62:5   


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Thought for the Week - Jacquie Peal.  


December 7th 2023

We have a pigeon who visits our garden and who clearly wishes he was a sparrow. He has tried every which way of getting at the seeds in the bird feeders but without success. The fact that he does very nicely picking up the seeds the smaller birds have dropped seems to have escaped him! "It just isn't fair; why should they have all the best of it!?", he seems to say.
It isn't fair!
How often I have heard that from children who can't understand the bigger picture because they can't see that the privileges an older sibling may enjoy will be theirs at the same age. But there does come a point where an adult who says that life isn't fair may need to step back and take a clearer look at him/herself. We once knew a very elderly lady who was continually saying, "It's not fair; why does it always happen to me?" Whereas, as we saw it, here was a 90 + year old, comfortably off, still living in her own bungalow, well supported by family, friends and social care workers. Yes, she had had her share of illness and bereavement, but who at her age, hasn't? She couldn't see how privileged she was, she could only see the sad side.

I'll tell you what's not fair.
What's happening in Israel and Gaza isn't fair.
What's happening in Ukraine isn't fair.
Children being abused isn't fair.
Global climate change isn't fair.
Animals being beaten and starved and exploited isn't fair.
Only having dirty water to drink and wash in isn't fair.

Next time we feel sorry for ourselves, maybe we need to stop and think about our situation and that of people who are really experiencing unfairness and to compare their lot with ours; that way we may see just how good our lives really are, and be thankful.
And, yes, our pigeon is very plump and has plenty of energy for chasing his mate around the garden!

with love,
Jacquie xx
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