Friday 19th Apr 2024

You are never strong enough that you do not need help.
~ Cesar Chavez 


The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.
~ Psalm 145:18


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Thought for the Week - Jacquie Peal.  

April 16, 2024

We have all been thinking, this last few weeks, about the future of our parish. The question I would like to ask is what are we doing as a Christian community to encourage other people to join us? Or, rather, what are we doing to bring other people into 'the knowledge and love of God'?
I know I am reiterating what I said last week but I believe, very strongly, that this is what all Christians of all ages and abilities are primarily called to do.
If we are to live out our lives in the light of God's love for us then 'going to church' is only the beginning.
Back in the 1970s we used to use a Confirmation course for young people called, "Belonging, Believing, Doing", the theory being that belonging to a Christian community is only where we begin our journey to faith and that hopefully this exposure will lead us on to become believers - people who feel able to make a firm commitment to follow Christ, a bit like a marriage really in it depth and strength.
From that commitment comes the desire to do and be whatever Christ calls us to do and be for the love of God and the work of his kingdom.
We are not called to go to church or even to get involved in doing 'church stuff', although that is an important part of our 'belonging'. We are called, first and foremost, to make disciples.....
I apologise for labouring the point but if we don't encourage people to come, if we don't enable people to hear about God's love for us, then who will? The Rector can't do it alone!
So how can we be the loving community of faith that is reaching out into the uncaring community where 'God's love' and 'faith in God' have no meaning? How can we help them to understand the glory, joy and wonder of that meaning?
It is the most important question that any Christian community can ever ask itself.
Please pray about it.

With love
Jacquie xx
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