Remembrance Hymn

Our church choir have prepared a hymn and an anthem for Remembrance Sunday, recorded individually in the safety of their homes to create this singing together hymn, broadcast at our online and gathered services on Sunday 8th November.

O God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come:

This hymn written by Isaac Watts, based on Psalm 90, with strong themes on assurance, promise and hope. 

The hymn reminds us that God is eternal and forever with us in our earthly lives, which sometimes can be troubled and stormy, and promises the great joys of “our eternal home”.  We are reminded that God is timeless in comparison to our own human mortality; we are here for a moment, but God’s time is eternal – “A thousand ages in thy sight”, and, more poignantly, for today’s remembrance theme, “Time like an everlasting stream bears all its sons away”.   We will remember them. 

God our help in ages past 

He came singing love:

This short anthem is written by Colin Gibson, a teacher and writer living in New Zealand.  This music arrangement for choir is by Geoff Weaver.   

Using song as a metaphor for life, the text of this anthem suggests that each of us can help love, faith, hope and peace to flourish in our world through living them out in our lives. 

He came singing love