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Carols for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany

Over the last few weeks our church choir at St Mary, Storrington have been preparing carols for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany seasons.  
The singing voices for the carols have been prepared individually by the choir in the comfort and safety of their homes.
By the power technology, all the voice parts are brought together and blended to form our choir singing together.    
Our warmest wishes to those in our parish and afar from Storrington Church Choir.
Please click here for a link to the Carol Sheet containing all the words of the Carols.


Hark the glad sound! the Saviour comes 


Joy to the world, the Lord is come! 

Silent night, holy night 

Away in a manger 

O little town of Bethlehem 

O come all ye faithful 



The First Nowell 
Of the Father's heart begotten 


Please find below the website, login and password for view of Laurence Hardy’s funeral service.

Service order for
Laurence Carey Hardy

Service Date

13-Nov-20 at 2:00

Service Chapel

Kingswood - Worthing







Live Webcast & Watch Again

Please send this username and password exactly as above to family and friends. You can login to our website at any time to view a test connection (and we strongly recommend you do this) but you'll only be able to view the Live Webcast approx. 5 mins before the service start time. Please be aware this is a public building and the timing of the Live webcast is semi-automated to allow for services running early or late – please use your discretion if you can see activities not applicable to the service you are here to watch. Once the service has finished, it will take us up to 3 working days to get the 28-day Watch Again onto the website.

Remembrance Hymn

Our church choir have prepared a hymn and an anthem for Remembrance Sunday, recorded individually in the safety of their homes to create this singing together hymn, broadcast at our online and gathered services on Sunday 8th November.

O God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come:

This hymn written by Isaac Watts, based on Psalm 90, with strong themes on assurance, promise and hope. 

The hymn reminds us that God is eternal and forever with us in our earthly lives, which sometimes can be troubled and stormy, and promises the great joys of “our eternal home”.  We are reminded that God is timeless in comparison to our own human mortality; we are here for a moment, but God’s time is eternal – “A thousand ages in thy sight”, and, more poignantly, for today’s remembrance theme, “Time like an everlasting stream bears all its sons away”.   We will remember them. 

God our help in ages past 

He came singing love:

This short anthem is written by Colin Gibson, a teacher and writer living in New Zealand.  This music arrangement for choir is by Geoff Weaver.   

Using song as a metaphor for life, the text of this anthem suggests that each of us can help love, faith, hope and peace to flourish in our world through living them out in our lives. 

He came singing love 

Message from Stephen Bloxham - Remembrance Sunday 2020 – Remember at home 


This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and current restrictions in England, the Royal British Legion have suggested that you can observe the Act of Remembrance at home, rather than attend a local service.

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland have produced an Order of Service for a Service of Remembrance at home.   This service includes preparation for the two-minute silence, readings, prayers, and music; including a link to music from our choir at St Mary, Storrington.    

Service of Remembrance at home – Order of Service  

As part of your Act of Remembrance at home, you might like to colour in a Poppy Appeal Remembrance Poppy poster to display in your window. 

Poppy poster to colour in 

Poppy poster already coloured 

If you are on social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, you can follow #RememberAtHome for further information. 

For more information about the Royal British Legion and how to make a donation to the 2020 Poppy Appeal – 

All Saints’ Day Hymn 

Our church choir have prepared a hymn for All Saints’ Day, recorded individually in the safety of their homes to create this singing together hymn, broadcast at our online and gathered services on Sunday 1st November.


At this time of year, we give thanks for those people who have been like lights to us, both those who lived long ago, and those living now.  We ask for help to shine like lights ourselves to help others.  As the autumnal night draws in and it starts to feel wintry, we are reminded that God is with us in dark and difficult times, when we are sad or ‘in the dark’.   The Bible calls Jesus the “Light of the World” and says that “the light shone in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it”

You might like to light a candle at home when listening to this song as a reminder of Jesus, light of the world shining in the midst of the darkness.  


Over the past fortnight, our choir have put together a harvest hymn, We plough the fields and scatter, from the comfort and safety of their homes.  Choir members sing their voice parts individually and send them on to be edited and blended together with other voices in our choir.  Singing together in a new way for now.
The hymn was broadcast yesterday at our gathered church and online zoom harvest services.

Stephen Bloxham


Funerals – we commend to God’s nearer keeping ...

7 April

Kathleen Irene Rosoman (96 years)

24 April

William John Gordon Rowlands (92 years)

27 April

Hugh Bowen Francis (84 years)

4 May

Sylvia Humphrey (82 years)

20 May

Donald “Don” Charles Sherwood (92 years)

26 May

Joyce Chacksfield (86 years)

26 May

Rosina Gladys Mayne (99 years)

8 June

Doronee Felicia Monypenny of Pitmilly (77 years)

8 June

Patricia Suter (84 years)

18 June

Violet Jean Mary Nunn (78 years)

22 June

Genevieve Vivienne Lavinia Geary (70 years)

13 July

Veronica Brook (78 years)

16 July

Hazel Olive Hammond (87 years)

30 July

Patricia Susan Davis (73 years)


Interment of ashes only:

29 April

Derek Frank Stoner (91 years)

29 June

Maureen Phyllis Stoner (89 years)

31 July

Elsie Florence Greenfield (98 years)

1 August

John Warren Dillow (93 years)

For the Online Zoom Service click here.



Tuesday, 26th January 2021


Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, BUT you've actually been planted.
~ Christine Caine
The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree, he will grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
Planted in the house of the LORD, they will flourish in the courts of our God.
~ Psalm 92:12


Extracted from Spiritual Thoughts     


Thought for the Week - Jacquie Peal. 

January 21st 2021
I wonder if high heels will ever be as high again? At least for some time to come?
There was an article recently about a high-end shoe firm, famous for its 4-inch heels (ouch!), that has turned it's attention to trainers and flat shoes: who wants high heels when there is no one to notice! Perhaps those who have stopped buying and wearing them will realise how much more comfortable flatter shoes are!?
Talking on a video-call with my daughter in law, who runs a small on-line business, I complimented her on how smart she was looking: she then handed the phone to my son, who showed me that her lower half was clad in pyjama trousers and big fluffy slippers - no one needed to see her lower half!
In some ways, our standards are changing during lockdown; we don't NEED to dress up when there is no one to see us. That is fine, up to a point, but I believe that it is important that we don't let our standards drop. Whatever our morning routine was - getting up, showering, putting on after-shave or make-up or whatever we did  before lockdown, we should be making sure that we do it now. However clean our homes were before lockdown, they should still be as clean and tidy for us alone as they would have been for possible visitors. Whatever our daily routine - exercise, reading, studying, housework, needlework, gardening, woodworking..... we should still be keeping to it. One day, when John was a Curate in Portsmouth our Vicar's wife went to see a very elderly lady who live completely on her own, as she had been missing from church for some time. Rosalie found that the lady was not at all well and called the doctor. While waiting for the doctor to come, Rosalie offered to make a cup of tea and going to the cupboard found that everything was immaculately clean and tidy, as was the rest of the house. This delightful lady, living on her own and feeling very unwell for weeks had still managed to keep her standards up, including keeping herself and her home clean and neat, despite the huge effort involved.
It is very easy to slip into sloppiness but that is the route to feeling depressed and miserable. If we want to come out of this horrendous period with our chins up, feeling proud of ourselves for having coped well then we do need to make the effort to cope with whatever we have to face and that includes keeping our standards up.
Above all things, we need to keep our faith alive. The world is changing but God's love for us isn't. It may be hard to be a Christian in lockdown but Christians have had to endure far worse. We must keep up our prayer and study routine, attend the "zoom" services if we are able and keep in touch with other church members.
This time will one day be history; our great-great-grandchildren will learn about it and how the world reacted in their history lessons in 50 years time. So let's do our best to give them something positive to learn from it.
"And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”  
With love
Jacquie xx


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